Local development strategy

Based on the challenges and risks but also on the strengths and chances of the region engaged citizens defined during many workshops the development needs for the region in the future. Specific goals were defined. What do we want to reach with the LEADER program until 2022? The local development strategy Mostviertel-Mitte serves as a guideline for the approval of LEADER projects until 2020 and for the realization and monitoring until 2022.

Local development strategy Mostviertel-Mitte 2014-2020

Activity field 1: increase of regional added value
Strengthening of the regional economy, agriculture and forestry Enhancement of tourism and leisure opportunities in the region Development of heat and electricity supply of renewable energies and enhancement of energy saving and  energy efficiency

Activity field 2: consolidation and further development of natural resources and cultural heritageMaintenance of the natural regional heritage and protection of characteristic cultural landscape Maintenance of the cultural heritage and enforcement of regional identity

Activity field 3: strengthening of important structures for public welfare (common good)
Improvements of residential standards and quality of life
Advancement of diversity and inclusion
Advancement of regional mobility
Education and live long learning